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Johanna Bohoy designs and paints to complete her life of art. Upon graduation from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), she was chosen a "Mademoiselle Magazine" Guest Editor; then went on to work as a professional designer/illustrator. She has won numerous design awards and has been honored for her environmental work. Her paintings have been exhibited at Boston City Hall, Clark Art Institute, Phillips Andover, and various galleries, and are in collections across the US, Europe and Asia. Her work was featured in the "Boston Globe" and on the "Boston Neighborhood Network." She has authored and illustrated a children’s book, been invited to lecture on design at the Smithsonian, judged numerous design shows, and featured in the professional design bibles– "CA" and "Print". Her award-winning work is in the permanent collection of the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, NYC and the Amity Arts Foundation. She lives in an 1860s gatekeeper's cottage in an ocean town with her husband, and works out of their studio (a former duck house) for her companies Bohoy Design and Lightcaught.

Jul 29, 2008

Good Bugs- Bad Bugs

There are Good Bugs and there are Bad Bugs- microbes, fungus, mold...etc.
But, some companies are fighting them.
BOHOY DESIGN's client Agion wanted to send a 3 part direct mail campaign to potential industrial partner companies explaining their "anti-bug" natural silver antimicrobial technology.

1. A tiny toy wall climber bug was sent with an explanation of their technology.
2. Products [razor and hair iron] were sent as examples of successful partnering with a partner company- Remington.
3. A 'lunch box' was sent inviting the potential clients to a lunch and learn meeting in various parts of the US.