Mar 11, 2016

Active little duck

Sciessent wanted to announce it's Active product- a silver based odor control finishby way of direct mail. Bohoy Design packaged up a toy silver duck in silver shred with a "squeaky clean" information card to be sent to potential clients. Quack quack.

Branded Blog Banner

A woman's new blog about beauty needed a "makeup" job before appearing in public. Bohoy Design created this logo/header that incorporated an illustration that melded with the title and explained the name.

Library Newsletters

Bohoy Design believes that libraries are important institutions that need support. Besides their volunteer donations of time and effort, they design pro-bono "Friends" newsletters to be sent to patrons of the Beverly Farms Library. Featured are: Spring- the annual Dog Beauty Contest, Summer- the Library Lawn Party, Holiday- the Nutcracker Tea, and Winter.