Jul 24, 2017

Pastel illustration by Johanna to accompany an article she wrote about baking for the MSFA Massachusetts Specialty Newsletter.
Excerpt: “The sun was slanting thru the crisp white curtains of the compact kitchen– a scent of wild rose from the blossoming bush outside the window was perfuming the air as the breeze blew in– but the scent of cake baking in the oven was the star. My mother was singing “la de da...” as she whipped up a 7 Minute Frosting to ice the impending cake as we all hovered and waited in anticipation to lick the beaters..."

Mar 7, 2017

A Timeline

Financial Group Welch & Forbes turned 175 years old and needed a historical piece to celebrate their growth from 1838 to now.
Bohoy Design created a continuous timeline throughout a 12 page booklet that captured the history and highlights of the company. It is used in print and digitally. See the whole timeline here:

Feb 15, 2017

A Habitat

Habitat for Humanity needed a custom illustration for their Christmas Fundraiser card that encompassed home, family, warmth, holiday spirit ,and tradition. 
Johanna painted this pastel of a happy family in their loving home- the essence of Habitat's goal.

Feb 14, 2017

Fundraiser for families

Ellis Memorial works to strengthen Boston's inner city working families with education and care for children, youth and vulnerable adults. They needed a logo for their annual gala fundraiser titled "Faces & Places."
Bohoy Design produced this logo using, by their request, their historic 1885 settlement house Ellis Memorial that houses their programs, people and care. 

Sep 6, 2016

"Many years; Many faces" exhibit

You are cordially invited to view the exhibit: 
Many years; Many faces" 
Paintings by Johanna Bohoy that capture many men, women, children and pets who have been a part of her life throughout the years. 
Beverly Farms Library, 24 Vine St, Beverly Farms, MA, (978) 921-6066

Thru the month of September, 2016.

May 11, 2016

Soups on!

Boston Chowda, the top selling and award winning chowder brand, needed packaging labels for their refrigerated soup line. Bohoy Design used traditional etching illustrations and bold type to capture the 'flavor' of their New England specialty.

Mar 11, 2016

Active little duck

Sciessent wanted to announce it's Active product- a silver based odor control finishby way of direct mail. Bohoy Design packaged up a toy silver duck in silver shred with a "squeaky clean" information card to be sent to potential clients. Quack quack.

Branded Blog Banner

A woman's new blog about beauty needed a "makeup" job before appearing in public. Bohoy Design created this logo/header that incorporated an illustration that melded with the title and explained the name.

Library Newsletters

Bohoy Design believes that libraries are important institutions that need support. Besides their volunteer donations of time and effort, they design pro-bono "Friends" newsletters to be sent to patrons of the Beverly Farms Library. Featured are: Spring- the annual Dog Beauty Contest, Summer- the Library Lawn Party, Holiday- the Nutcracker Tea, and Winter.


May 5, 2015

Edible Ad

Massachusetts Specialty Food Assoc. needed a group ad to appear in Edible Boston Magazine.
Bohoy Design created this full page ad featuring member's tasty products and services. Colors incorporate their logo, brand and earthy nature of the products.

Mar 11, 2015

Boston Chowda

Famous Boston Chowda wanted a special logo to grace Tshirts and containers that would hi-lite Boston and its landmarks- Faneuil Hall, The Green Monster, Lobsters, and of course the chowder.
Our whimsical illustration did just that.

Sep 26, 2013

The Meatball Shoppe

BOHOY DESIGN recently designed the logo brand plus hats, materials, and 35 hand painted farm animal tiles for the wall of the new "KOBS Meatball Shoppe" in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston.

Cuba Exhibit

July 26, 2013 at Phillips Andover Academy- Gelb Gallery 
Johanna traveled to Cuba on a rare cultural tour hosted by famed American Ballet Theatre principal José Carreno to explore the arts, dance, music, and colors of his native country- Cuba.
The paintings exhibited along with a video presentation were inspired by the experience, and often ‘behind the scenes’ view of the arts that are Cuba.

Mar 7, 2013

Anniversary Campaign design

Welch & Forbes, financial advisors are still cruisin' since 1838.
Celebrating their 175th anniversary this year, BOHOY DESIGN was commissioned to design an anniversary seal, a banner, ads and booklet to commemorate the occasion.  
The above full page ad just ran in the Boston Business Journal, and this musical note ad is one of a series running in the current BSO programs.

Nov 12, 2012

Delectable packaging

 A hard-working baker needed affordable packaging to accommodate her line of dairy-free desserts.
We designed simple wraps for her standard containers utilizing her desired brand colors and image.
She made the New York Times!

Nov 7, 2012

Book cover

2  men's lives changed forever one fateful evening when an argument on an
interstate highway ended in a crossbow killing by a respected deacon.
The compelling story is told in the book "Deacon's Crossbow" 
by David G. Brown.
BOHOY DESIGN was commissioned to design the cover and utilized a haunting cross of light to depict the subject.

Aug 29, 2012

Fruitations label design, Bohoy Design

New England Cranberry Co. introduced FRUITATIONS, an all natural beverage flavor enhancer with label designs by BOHOY DESIGN.
The vibrant colors match the fruit on the outside and the fruit concentrate on the inside. At a glance you know that you'll be tasting refreshing cranberry, grapefruit, or tangerine with just a splash. Not just in summer but all year long!

May 31, 2012


We've had many.  
Some productive; some not. 
Some fun-filled; some not.  
Cups are de rigueur along with pen and paper and here are some that sport logos we have designed for various clients. [plus a hat and pad].
Meeting's adjourned.

Oct 25, 2011

Fall gift of the earth

New England Maple Company distributed by Boyajian, Inc. bottles up the gift of the maple trees-- pure, rich dark amber maple syrup prized by chefs & food connoisseurs for the aroma, flavor, and texture.
Bohoy Design designed the label employing an elegant and simple stream of syrup touched with a glow of metallic "maple."

Sep 13, 2011

Rise up

Chef Yves B. is the soufflé expert.

He's been whipping them up in copper bowls since he was 14 on l'ile de Re on the coast of France. Now a world class chef, he decided to share his expertise and package up his wonderful no fail soufflés for the masses.

Bohoy Design created his "mischievous" logo and designed the packages for 5 flavors- from sweet to savory. His soufflés rise and Bohoy Design rose to the occasion.

A perfect recipe.

May 5, 2011

Pastry in a package

Mom makes the best apple pie and chocolate chip cookies, but when it comes to pastry- Cassis Bakery's, made by Chef Dimitri, are the best. Miniature works of art.
They came to Bohoy Design in need of a package to sell their melt-in-the-mouth Macaroons and ethnic Russian Potatoes. The final design- an economical clamshell box with a diecut sleeve, color-coded to the product and logo. Mmmm.

Jan 26, 2011

Simple request.

Just as each snowflake is unique-- so is each of our clients. We work from large corporations to small startups; complex projects to simple requests.
My Grandma's of New England needed a snowflake to put on their holiday coffee cake tins but couldn't find one that would work, so Bohoy Design created one.
Simple- but not so simple.

Jan 1, 2011


May 2011 bring you many days of joy, beauty, serenity, health and love.
Larry + Johanna

You may print this out [8.5 x 11"]

Oct 25, 2010

On the move...

The company Women on the Move "takes the trauma out of moving" by customizing a move, from packing and unpacking to selecting a reliable moving company.
Bohoy Design designed their logo/ID that was then placed on the most important tool of their business-- moving boxes.
That helped put them on the move.

Sep 16, 2010

Back to School

This annual report and cover for Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies designed by Bohoy Design reflects the spirit that teams of people make the university what it is.

Aug 18, 2010

Packaged Tropical Treats

Bohoy Design designed the logo and look of client AVSI's frozen mousse & pies made from tropical mango, guava & pomegranate. They needed to be branded
and packaged to get into the marketplace. It did the job.
These colorful, windowed boxes reflect what's inside- pure tropical indulgence.

Jun 30, 2010


The Beverly Farms Library was marrying their 1910 building with a new addition. To celebrate the accomplishment, the fundraising committee held a mock wedding celebration and reception for the community. Bohoy Design produced the invitations, promotional material, and this logo that utilized intertwined rings to symbolize the marriage of the old & the new.

Apr 15, 2010

Tax Day Song for those with refunds:

"The best things in life are free
But you can keep 'em for the birds and bees
Now give me money, (that's what I want) that's what I want."
Song by Barry Gordy and Janie Bradford for Motown
With money in mind BOHOY DESIGN recently designed a brochure for private wealth management firm Welch & Forbes utilizing their established identity and traditional values of steadfastness, trustworthiness, and accessibility.

Mar 17, 2010

Reaching for Stars

Oncology Rehab Partners is an innovative healthcare company
breaking new ground in the field of cancer care.
BOHOY DESIGN developed a logo, and web banner identity for
their STAR (Survivorship Training and Rehab) products, developed
by Julie Silver, M.D., that provide facilities and clinicians with
tools and programs to deliver oncology rehabilitation care.

Jan 20, 2010

Raw bar.

A Virginia company ITK [In the Know] had a desire to bring raw, healthy organic food to the energy bar market. BOHOY DESIGN designed the packaging and the 'to-the-point' label that advertised what they are about- the raw ingredients. A simple cost-saving red kraft box was utilized for the Point of Purchase to hold the earthy bars.